Heat Tolerant Plants Ideal For New Homes in Cary NC

The new homes in Cameron Pond come with beautiful landscaping packages.  Many homeowners love to add seasonal color to their gardens, but are not sure which of the thousands of plants at the Garden Center will work.  The NCSU Horticulture Department did a study of drought and heat tolerant plants, that are both ideal for our area – and not seen as often in local gardens.  New home owners in Cary, NC who are looking for plants to enhance their gardens, might be interested in some of these landscaping choices!  Many of the plants suggested by NCSU are Annuals (meaning you need to replant them each year), and as you are establishing a garden in a Cary, NC new home, you’ll want to mix Annuals with Perennials (the ones you only plant once, and they come back year after year).

musk-mallow great for new homes in cary Musk Mallow:  Mallow (Malva), 1 to 4 feet, purple, pink or white flowers summer to fall, best in full sun, drought tolerant.  From Europe, but naturalized in U.S. These plants are related to and somewhat resemble hollyhock (Alcea), but they are bushier, with smaller, roundish to heart-shaped leaves.  This annual will bloom in Cary, NC from summer to fall. They are easy to grow; need good drainage, average soil.Low growing; avoid water soaked soils; individual flowers last about 2 days each.


Blue Daze Evolvulus great for new homes in cary ncEvolvus (Blue Daze):  This low growing and spreading; small blue flowers and gray/green foliage offer a nice color contrast.The Evolvus will continue blooming through the worst summer heat we experience in Cary, NC,and can be grown in gardens or containers.  If growing in a container, avoid over watering!  The plant can be grown in full sun to partial shade.Depending on the soil, the flowers can range from Ocean Blue to Lavender.


polka dot plant great for new homes in cary ncHypoestes, Polka Dot Plant: This plant also grows well in Cary, NC new home gardens, or in containers. It is VERY heat and drought tolerant, the soil should be moist, not soaked with standing water if you have container gardens.  Can be grown in full sun, but color is more intense with some shade; very sensitive to frost – it will mature to a height of 18 to 24 inches. Polka Dot plants are also sensitive to chemicals so it is a good idea to water this plant with rainwater or tap water which has been allowed to set for 24 hours. Polka Dots tend to get leggy with age, so keep it pinched back.


heliotrope grows well in gardens of new homes in Cary, NCHeliotrope:  Attractive as a border plant; flowers are pleasantly fragrant and a great addition to gardens near your door! Because it has a distinctive scent — some say it smells like cherry pie; others say a grape Popsicle, it’s a beautiful addition to gardens at Cameron Pond in Cary, NC.  It can be grown in partial shade or full sun in gardens in our area and likes well drained soil. For the strongest scent, group several plants together where they can get afternoon sun. That warming sun releases the fragrance. The plants grow 1 to 3 feet tall and this tropical plant, grown as an annual, bears big clusters of rich purple, blue, or white flowers.

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