State of the Town with Mayor Weinbrecht 2012

Each year The Cary Town Mayor goes before the Chamber of Commerce, and gives an update to the “State of the Town.”  While not nearly as exclusive as The President’s State of the Union address, it’s always well attended, and eagerly awaited.  Last week, in the “State of the Town Address”  Mayor Weinbrecht painted a pretty good picture of what the Town is facing.

“Cary is, the safest community in the state and the Southeast; part of the healthiest U.S. housing market; among the country’s “most inventive” municipalities; and one of the country’s five most economically potent small cities. Some Cary companies added hundreds of jobs this past year!”

The Mayor is known to be a staunch enviomentalist, and he his on some of his environment oriented goals that are part of the Town’s agenda for 2012.  The “upgrades” include installing townwide LED Street Lights (which should be a huge savings to the town) and upgrading town vehicles to more nass effient models.  There are also discussions that could lead the Town to install solar panels on town facilites and the Town has a hybrid trash truck coming online for use.

He also spoke about how the Town Council has been able to work well together towards one common goal: “making Cary the greatest place to live in the U.S.”  He pointed out Cary’s high rate of volunteerism amongst its citizens and businesses as another factor.

Low Taxes

While the Town of Cary is not experiencing residential growth at the rates we saw pre 2008, we are on a sustainable pace, and our residential housing outlook is strong, according to the Mayor.    Unlike some town’s  which are often called “Bedroom Communities” the tax base in Cary benefits from a strongly diverse tax base with a mix of Business and residential taxes.

The town enjoys the lowest tax rate in Wake County, and the highest levels of service. The Town’s debt is low, our reserves are at an excess of the 4 month requirement, and the town employs 8.3 staff for every 1000 residents (an average for most towns is 11). Cary benefits from the highest bond rating in all National agencies, which gives us the most favorable borrowing rates.

Our sports venues as great economic generators, bringing in over $31 million of economic benefits and 3 million people. Companies located here have continued to add jobs, pointing out LORD, Biologics, Research in Motion and SAS. Our unemployment rate, at 5.5%, is well below the national average.

Additional Focus for 2012

In addition to continuing the programs underway, the Town is focusing on a vibrant plan for Downtown Cary.  The Town recently received [;edges and Grants to build a Children’s Museum.   The Town also purchased an old Movie Theatre downtown, which it plans to renovate, and they opened the Cary Arts Center – a real show piece for downtown!  The town owns several acres downtown, and intends to continue the plans to build a large downtown park.

All in all, the “State of the Town” is unbelievably bright!  If you are looking for a town that has been named:

  • Top 5 most inventive
  • Top 4 best quality of Life
  • Top 5 economic potential
  • 2nd biggest Brain Magnet in US

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