June Board Update

 Your community Board members Robert Ulrich, Jenifer Zygmond and Nathaniel Greene met with Omega Management representatives Jennifer Wichowski and Laura Moushegian for productive April & May Board meetings. Please go to www.omegamgmt.com to review past Board meeting minutes. 

Monthly Highlights: 

Community Event was Fantastic. Thank you to the Social Committee for coordinating a fun community party. Face painting, complementary food truck & games. The Social Committee is currently working on hosting a few events this summer. 

Speed Study: The Board will be moving forward to find a solution to this on-going concern with speeding in our community. We are in the process of determining areas of concern and solutions with the Town of Cary. Solutions will have a cost associated and will be shared. We would like to encourage everyone to drive with caution. School will be out soon and children will be walking to the pool and around the community. 


Cupola & Painting repairs have been completed at the pool. 

Tiles at the monument on the Shires side are in the process of being repaired. 

The Buxton Grant monument lights timer will be replaced. 

Pool parking lot repair/restriping. We will be reviewing quotes at the June Board meeting. 


The pool is now open! A few items to note: 

Omega has e-mailed the pool use information and guidelines. The information is also posted at the pool 

Pool Wi-Fi password is cameron2016 

No glass within the gates of the pool 

We have replaced the aging canopies. We will phase in the new marine blue umbrellas and chairs as the current green deteriorates and becomes ready for replacement. 

Caution: Children can drown with a pool full of adults only a few feet away. Always watch your children around the water. Please designate an adult to be on watch. It is common each parent to think the other parent is watching. Typically, a drowning child will be silent. Drowning commonly looks like bobbing or moving arms but you won’t hear them! Watch your children and make sure you designate an adult to watch. REMEMBER, WE HAVE NO EMPLOYED LIFEGUARDS! 

Take Action: 

We started out the year with some great momentum and desire to look at community proposals for the playground and community space. 

Playground Enhancement Task Force: 

Update: The playground task force will be moving forward soon. Thank you to Amy Graber for volunteering to chair the task force. Mrs. Graber will be contacting the committee to schedule a kick-off meeting. Yes, you still have time to get involved! 

Volunteer to join the task force! We are looking for community members that would like to join our new Playground Enhancement task force. Call 919-461-0102 or e-mail laura@omegamgmt.com to become involved in the task force. 

Alert – Cameron Pond Community Space Task Force: 

Update: Our community has 344 homes. We would like a good representation of our neighborhood. We are looking for a minimum of 7 residents to be actively involved in the Cameron Pond Community Space task force. At this time, we have had 3 community members show an interest. When we reach a group of 7, we will elect a chair and launch the task force. 

Volunteer to Chair or join the task force! We are looking to make some improvements to the community space near or around our beautiful Cameron Pond (the pond and dam area). Please call 919-461-0102 or e-mail laura@omegamgmt.com to join the Cameron Pond Community Space task force. 

Join a committee! 

Please take a moment to reply right now. Please let us know if you would like to join a committee: Social, Architectural, or Pool. Call 919-461-0102 or e-mail laura@omegamgmt.com. 

Thanks to Social Chair Kathy Simon, ARC Chair Crystal Ellison and Pool Chair Leslie Cramer for giving of your time to our community. 

Good to Know: 

Garage doors. We are in the season of little rodents and snakes moving around. It is a good idea to keep your garage doors closed. 

New street signs. Due to aging, accidental damage, or vandalism, we needed to replace some of our community street signs. Please report damage of signs or theft should you witness an occurrence. The signs have a real cost that impacts our dues. If you find a street sign, please call Omega or email board@cameronpond.com and we can get the sign to Omega for repairs. 

Omega tours our neighborhood on a monthly basis. Omega follows our community Covenants and Guidelines. Should you receive a letter for something out of compliance, please make the requested adjustments. You are also encouraged to e-mail or call should you not understand the letter or have information relevant to the violation. The Board follows the Guidelines we all adhere to in the documents every homeowner receives upon purchasing a home within our community. The Architectural Review Guidelines can also be found online within the Omega website. 


The Omega website has been updated. Please go to www.CameronPond.com and click on the Omega link to sign into their new and improved site as new registration is required. 


June 19th at 8:30 a.m.: Monthly Board meeting is held at the Omega office 

September 30th: Pool is scheduled to close