September Board Update

Cameron Pond Neighborhood monthly e-mail update!  

Your community board members Robert Ulrich, Jenifer Zygmond and Nathaniel Greene continue our commitment to communicate, be accessible and responsive to community requests.  Please go to to review past board meeting minutes.  


Monthly Highlights:

Board Meeting Times:  Our next evening meeting will be in Monday, September 24 at 6:00 p.m. at the Omega office.  

Community Event:   Flamingle Pool Party was a blast and had great community support.     Summer Dive In Movie!  on Saturday, September 8th was a great new addition to our summer fun.    Community Yard Sale will be on Saturday, October 6th from 7:00AM -12Noon.   Please contact Molly at for information.

Pool: Omega sends out e-mail alerts for any pool closing when they are notified. The alerts will contain length of time the pool is anticipated to be closed.  We have a phone line at the pool with direct numbers listed.  Please call the pool management company if you think a fecal incident has occurred.  The pool management company will alert Omega and the alert will go to Cameron Pond residents. 

Use key fob to enter the pool:  For the safety of all residents and to alleviate any misunderstandings please make sure to use your key fob to enter the pool.  When pool attendants are present we have asked them to verify only residents and their guests are at the pool. Each residence was provided one pool entrance fob.  You are welcome to order an additional fob for a family member residing in your household.  If you have lost your key fob, please contact Omega to order a new one.  If a homeowner, including teens permitted to attend the pool without a chaperone, arrives at the pool without a key fob, they will be asked to provide some form of identification providing proof of residency.

 Pool Attendant:  We are looking for your feedback:  Please let us know if you would like/dislike attendants to be contracted for the 2018/2019 season.  We will review your constructive written feedback when looking at the proposal and budget for the next season.

 Pool Season:   Pool will remain open through September 30th.  Omega and  Pool Professionals made sure all was secured around the pool in preparation for Hurricane Florence and worked quickly to clean up after the storm and get the furniture out so the pool could re-opened for the rest of the season. 

 Speed Study:   Thank you to those that have sent email to the Board with concerns.  We are requesting a speed study for several streets in Cameron Pond.  If you have a particular concern or incident you would like to share with the Board, please email us at  Solutions will have a cost associated and shared.  The best solution would be to drive with caution.  


Repairs & Enhancements

 Bike Rack:  We are in the process of contracting for the installation of the bike rack.  It is great seeing people ride to the common area and now residents will have a safe place to park their bikes. 

Tiles at monument on Shires side in process of repair with tile issues.

Good to Know:

Mailbox Enhancement:  Please look at your mailbox to see if it needs sprucing up.  You can spray paint with black flat or satin.  Be sure to check your house numbers and ensure that they are visible and intact.  If not you will need to hand paint them or order new numbers.  Check your mailbox flag too.  With all the rain, your mailbox may be leaning.  

Sidewalks:   Please remember to keep tree limbs and bushes from impeding the sidewalk.  The beautiful developed trees have low branches that need to be trimmed/pruned to keep the sidewalks clear.  

Please remember to pull fully into your driveway.  Sidewalks should remain clear and assessable for the safety of our residents. 

Edging:  With the summer rain the weeds and grass seem to be growing at a fast pace.  Please make sure to edge your landscaping to keep the grass from running into the mulch areas, over sidewalks and curbs and up the side of the home.


Take Action:

Playground Enhancement Task Force:

Update:  The playground task force will be working to create a survey so we can determine what enhancements most match the community wishes. The survey will include the Weycroft community as their HOA pays to use the pool and playground facility.  

Volunteer to join the task force!  We are looking for community members that would like to join our new enhancement task force.  Call 919-461-0102 or e-mail to become involved in the playground enhancement task force.  

Join a committee!  

Please let us know if you would like to join a committee:  Social, Architectural, or Pool.  Call 919-461-0102 or e-mail

Thanks to all the committee volunteers!  




September 24:    Monthly board meeting 6:00 p.m.

                                            Location:  Omega Management’s office at 160 NE Maynard Road #210, Cary

September 30:  Pool is scheduled to close 

October 6:          Community Wide Yard Sale being coordinated by Cameron Pond Resident, Molly Myers.  Please contact     7:00AM – 12Noon,


January 23:         Cameron Pond Annual Meeting, Crosspointe Church, Carpenter Fire Station Road