Summer Board Update

Monthly Highlights:

Board Meeting Times:  A few people expressed an interest in attending Residents Speak-Out or being added to the agenda but could only attend a meeting after typical business hours.  We had a trial evening meeting for our July Board Meeting.  We will try holding evening meetings on occasion so residents who cannot make weekday morning meetings will be able to attend.  

Community Event:   Social Committee has been busy planning some fun events!  Flamingle Pool Party will be held Friday, August 24 starting at 5:30 P.M.  Summer Dive In Movie!  Saturday, September 8.  Movie will be shown near the playground/pool area starting at 8:00 p.m.  

Entrance Landscaping:  In absence of suggestions for improved landscaping we have requested Omega meet with landscapers to determine if the value is being met per our contract.  We will be working with Omega and our landscapers to determine desired improvements and enhancement costs.  We confirmed that while other nearby developments may have more attractive entrances, the cost to replant, prune and maintain come at an additional expense.

Pool:  Please remember the pool is a no-smoking/no-vaping area.  A broken glass near or in the pool can cause the pool to be shut down for days.  Please don’t bring glass anywhere within the pool or pool deck.  Thank you Leslie Cramer for volunteering to be the Chair for the pool committee and all the volunteers on the committee for helping make the pool a great place for all of us to enjoy.  You will notice a new Lost and Found basket.  The pool committee will be reviewing our pool rules to determine if they are currently adequate.  They will also be reviewing increased costs to keep skimmer lids screwed down to help prevent injuries.  

Pool Safety:    Thank you to the residents that attended the June board meeting during the Residents Speak-Out portion.  After extensively researching options available to us for this year and in the future, we have decided to hire a pool attendant (not a lifeguard) on a trial basis.  The pool attendant began August 10th and will be in place until Labor Day Monday (due to staff availability).  Our pool will remain open until September 30 without attendants.  The pool attendant will be present from 5 P.M. – 9 P.M. on Fridays and 9 A.M. – 9 P.M. on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.  It is our hope that residents’ experience with having a pool attendant this season will provide enough of a basis for further community discussion about how we manage the community pool in the future.  We have not signed a contract to staff the pool for next season as of yet.  The funding of this was an unbudgeted expense for 2018 to provide this service for the rest of the season, but it should be noted that implementing this increased level of pool service in the future will likely increase HOA dues.  

 Pool Attendant:  Our attendants will keep the pool operating safely during common peak use times (as noted above).  It is our intent for the pool company to keep the facility clean, maintain chemicals, oversee rule violations and assist in enforcement, verify only residents and their guests are using the facility, correct unsafe conditions, report maintenance issues, help to ensure only the main gate is used for pool access, and help ensure main gate is properly closed.  The attendants will close the pool at the end of the evening 9 P.M. or dusk, whichever is earlier.  While we expect the pool attendant will know how to handle emergency situations, note that a pool attendant is NOT a lifeguard and will not be providing active surveillance of the water.  We will continue to post “No Lifeguard on Duty” signs and ask that all who use the pool remain vigilant around the water, especially when children are present. 

 Speed Study:   Continued concerns of speeding within the development have been brought to our attention.  We are requesting a speed study for several streets in Cameron Pond.  If you have a particular concern or incident you would like to share with the Board, please email us at    Solutions will have a cost associated and shared.  The best solution would be to drive with caution.  

 Repairs & Enhancements

 Bike Rack:  We are in the process of ordering a bike rack to be placed near the pool/park area.  It is great seeing people ride to the common area and now residents will have a safe place to park their bikes. 

Tiles at monument on Shires side in process of being repaired. 

The “O” on the monument sign entrance onto Parkman Grant has been repaired.

 Take Action:

Playground Enhancement Task Force:

Update:  The playground task force will be working to create a survey so we can determine what enhancements most match the community wishes. The survey will include the Weycroft community as their HOA pays to use the pool and playground facility.  

Volunteer to join the Playground Task Force!  We are looking for community members that would like to join our new enhancement task force.  Call 919-461-0102 or e-mail to become involved in the playground enhancement task force.  


Cameron Pond Community Space Task Force:

Update:  Our community has 344 homes.  We would like a good representation of our neighborhood.  We are looking for a minimum of 7 residents to be actively involved in the task force.  At this time, we have had three community members show an interest.  When we reach a group of 7 we will elect a chair and launch the task force.  If we do not receive enough interest, the Executive Board will move forward with investigating options for improvement in our pond community space.

Join the task force for Cameron Pond (the pond and dam area).   Please call 919-461-0102 or e-mail to join the task force.  


Join a committee!  

Please take a moment to reply right now. Please let us know if you would like to join a committee:  Social, Architectural, or Pool.  Call 919-461-0102 or e-mail

Thanks to all the committee volunteers!  


Good to Know:  Architectural Changes and Alterations to your Home or Lot

Please remember to complete the Architectural Review Form prior to scheduling any work.  


  • Decorative rock (for example, but not limited to, lava rock, white pebbles, stones or rock) is not permitted ground cover in landscaping.  Pebbles and stones are not allowed in landscaping, except in particular areas requiring rock or pebbles for drainage.   All changes to landscaping installations will be considered on a case by case basis.

 ·        When making landscaping changes please submit an Architectural Review Form prior to any enhancements.  It will save us all money, time and frustration should your new plans not fit into the guidelines. Also note that just because you see an improvement in your neighbor’s yard does not mean that it is approved and acceptable for you to implement in your space.  It can take several months for corrective action to be enforced.  If you have doubt about any change to your home or yard, submit a request.


August 21:    Monthly Board meeting 8:30 a.m. 

                       Location:  Omega Management’s office at 160 NE Maynard Road #210, Cary

September 30:  Pool is scheduled to close 

October 6:          Community Wide Yard Sale being coordinated by Cameron Pond Resident, Molly Myers.  Please contact