Residents Corner - July 2019

This page is devoted to profiling Cameron Pond families and residents who are willing to share a little about themselves to help build a stronger sense of community.

The Mallett family - Wes, Erica, Brendan (17), Lauren (14), and Claire (8)

The Mallett family - Wes, Erica, Brendan (17), Lauren (14), and Claire (8)

Meet THE MalletTS

Q: When did your family move to Cameron Pond and where did you move from?
A: We’re longtime Triangle residents. We moved to Cameron Pond in October 2015 having lived in nearby Morrisville and another part of Cary for several years.

Q: Why Cameron Pond? What made you choose this community?
A: We really liked that the homes in Cameron Pond have a lot of character and that the community didn’t have a “cookie cutter” feel to it. We had actually visited Cameron Pond in its early days when the community was part of the Parade of Homes in the area.

Q: What to you like the most about living in Cameron Pond?
A: We really like the location of this community! It’s conveniently close to work, the kids’ schools, parks and shopping.

Q: Do you use any of the amenities in the community?
A: We use the pool. When the kids were younger, we used the basketball half-court and the playground off and on.

Q: How would you rate the social scene at Cameron Pond? Are you aware of any of the social events in the community?
A: Families seem to mostly connect when their kids know each other or play together, so it can feel a little “pocketed” to newcomers. It would be great to have some neighborhood meet-ups or clubs for various interests - hiking/biking club, vegetarian cooking club, wine club, photography club (to give a few examples) that residents could plug into.

We are aware of the upcoming July 4th party at the pool and hope to attend.

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: Two dogs. A Jack Russell mix and a Labrador Retriever mix. Both are rescues.

Q: Would you be interested in joining one of the Cameron Pond committees in the future and helping the community in that way?
A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: What’s a fun fact about your family that people may not be aware of?
A: We are a 90% Vegetarian family. The 10% shortfall is due to Wes occasionally straying off course. 😄

Additional info about the Malletts
Wes, originally from FL, is a former US Marine and Erica, originally from TN, is a former school teacher. Brendan is a rising senior at Panther Creek High School and is fascinated by architectural designs. Lauren is a rising freshman, also at PCHS. Claire attends Green Hope Elementary and will be starting 3rd grade in the Fall. This amazingly warm family lives at 2606 Cameron Pond Drive on the Shires end of the neighborhood. Be sure to say hi when you see them around!