Residents Spotlight - August 2019

This page is devoted to profiling Cameron Pond families and residents who are willing to share a little about themselves to help build a stronger sense of community.


The Johnson Family

Cheo, Kim, Chloe (now 6), and Bailey (now 4)


Q: When did your family move to Cameron Pond and where did you move from?
A: We moved to Cameron Pond five years ago having previously lived in nearby Morrisville and in Durham before that.

Q: Why Cameron Pond? What made you choose this community?
A: Our family was growing, so we needed more space and Cameron Pond made sense for us.

Q: Do you use any of the amenities in the community?
A: We use the pool occasionally. We might use the playground area more, but fire ants in the area have made that challenging for us in the past.

Q: How would you rate the social scene at Cameron Pond?
A: We have a close-knit cul-de-sac since most families have kids around the same ages as ours and they play together. We do Halloween and other activities together for the kids and support each other in general.

Q: Are you aware of any of the upcoming Cameron Pond social events?
A: Yes, we’re aware of the movie night coming up. We can’t attend because it’s around the girls’ bedtime, but we think that it’s great to have an event like that for the older kids since there are already a lot of other community social events that cater to the younger kids.

Q: What advice would you give the HOA Board in terms of how it can be more engaging with the community?
A: Some of the recent Board activities like the Residents Spotlight page are helpful in that respect. However, we’d suggest more frequent communications about substantive issues beyond the social events - such as providing the dates and times of upcoming Board meetings; providing the minutes from those meetings in a timely fashion; having some of our Board meetings closer to the neighborhood where residents could more easily attend; and more open communication from the Board to the community about options that are under consideration for major initiatives.

Q: What improvements would you like to see in the community in the short or long-term?
A: We would like to see more of a focus on our common spaces… maybe some benches or a gazebo around the pond to make it more welcoming. Would also be nice to see some of the walkways in the community completed. And, perhaps as a longer term project, consider building a clubhouse as the hub of our community.

Q: Is there a silly fun fact about your family that you’d like to share?
A: Hmmm… the girls really love Menchies and Andia's, so we’ve been known to make random dessert trips out there. (The interviewer is still working out whether or not dinner is a prerequisite for those trips 😉)

More about the Johnsons
Originally from New Jersey, both Cheo and Kim are proud graduates of NC Central University. Go Eagles! Kim works in Human Resources and Cheo works in the Computer Hardware Industry. Both are deeply loving (and busy) parents to two beautiful little girls - Chloe, the charming soon-to-be first grader; and Bailey, the irresistible high-energy preschooler. This absolutely wonderful family lives at 1015 Dresden Meadow Ct. You’re very likely to run into the Johnsons at a community social event or just around the neighborhood. Be sure to say hello because they’d love to meet you, too.