Cameron Pond is a community in Western Cary where families come first and neighbors are family.


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The first phase of Cameron Pond (pictured), create in 2005, luxurious homes with space, sizable yards, and close to amenities.

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The second phase of Cameron Pond, some more modern homes next to undeveloped property that may provide expansion for the development in the future.


Neighborhood Park

A Town of Cary commitment since 2009, a 20-acre neighborhood park will finish being designed and planned in 2018 to start construction in 2019.

Come take a splash in our junior olympic size pool, open seasonally from April through September.


Our pool facility is also shared with residents of the Weycroft community. Controlled by private key access, residents can relax in one of many cabanas and use the community grill.

The pool will open May 12th this year and will close on September 30th.


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A natural pond open only to residents, stocked with fish seasonally.


Maintained by the Cameron Pond Community association, residents can come to the pond to get away, relax, and even fish for seasonally stocked fish during daylight hours.


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Walking Trails Description


Located throughout our development, you can take a walk along several walking trails or well maintained sidewalks, that will soon connect to the Panther Creek Greenway and Town of Cary Greenway Network, currently projected in Summer 2019.


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20-Acre Land Donated by Cameron Pond for Neighborhood Park


Currently under master planning and design by Surface 678 for the Town of Cary, this neighborhood park is scheduled to start construction some time in 2019.


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Private Park Near Community Pool Facility


A playground designed for children 2-12 years old with a private basketball hoop, swings, green space, and a covered shelter, this park is open to Cameron Pond Residents year round.


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