Who do I contact?


Help and Questions

While living in Cameron Pond, things will come up and it's important to know who to call, when to call, and how soon to expect a response. Aspects of life in Cameron Pond are managed by the State of North Carolina, Wake County, the Town of Cary, and the Cameron Pond Community Association. Keep reading below to understand which entities manage various aspects of our community.

Timeliness of Addressing Issues

Keep in mind that while emergent community issues are usually addressed within 24 hours, non-emergent issues can sometimes take several weeks to address based on availability of resources and other external factors. When particular issues come up in our community where there is an expected longer than normal delay time, the board will attempt to keep the community aware of the issues and why there is a delay with consistent updates.

Hierarchy of Entities

Cameron Pond Community Association

The Cameron Pond Community Association manages and maintains all common areas in Cameron Pond including the pool, pond, walking trails, and playground as well as property that specifically is owned by the association (most buffers, roundabout landscaping, and some easement access points throughout the community). While our community association is led by our executive board (three members elected every three years at our annual meeting), we partner with Omega Association Management to carry out the day-to-day management and administrative responsibilities of the association. Omega Association Management in turn subcontracts a lot of the specific maintenance of our community (stormwater pond management, pool maintenance, and grounds maintenance), but does maintain financial records and accounts and collects dues on behalf of the association. Omega Association Management also carries out enforcement of architectural standards and maintenance upkeep requirements for our community. These standards are not meant to be punitive, but are in place to protect our home values and keep our community a harmonious place to live. The majority of funds for the association comes from dues paid annually.

Omega Association Management can be reached at 919-461-0102 or our community managers can be reached via e-mail: Jennifer Wichowski (jennifer@omegamgmt.com) and Laura Moushegian (laura@omegamgmt.com). You can also get to our Omega-managed website by clicking here (a login is required). Our board can be reached by e-mailing board@cameronpond.com. 

Town of cary

The Town of Cary maintains our roads and provides water and sewer utilities to our homes. The Town has its own set of ordinances (local laws), regulates development within Town limits, inspects and permits all buildings under construction, plans for future development and infrastructure and provides law enforcement, fire protection, stormwater protection, trash and recycling collection, parks, venues, greenways, and cultural opportunities, traffic management, as well as fixed route and door-to-door transit.

Our Town is led by a Town Council which is comprised of seven elected officials: a mayor, two at-large representatives, and four district representatives.  As citizens living in District A, we are represented by Mayor Harold Weinbrecht, At-large representatives Lori Bush and Ed Yerha, and District representative Jennifer Robinson.

The Town can be reached at 919-469-4000. Police can be reached using 911 in emergency situations or by calling 919-469-4012 for non-emergency situations.

Wake County

In North Carolina, county governments oversee public school systems, public health and social services, as well as the county sheriff's office. Other services include the Board of Elections, Register of Deeds, as well as some funding for Parks and Recreation.

Wake County is run by the elected Wake County Board of Commissioners, which is responsible for overseeing execution of all of the vital roles Wake County has. Our local Wake County Commissioner is Jessica Holmes

Wake County also has established the Wake County Board of Education. The members of this board that make decisions about the Wake County Public School System are also elected, and meet separately from the Wake County Board of Commissioners. Our local school board member in Wake County is Lindsay Mahaffey.

State of North Carolina

While the roads in our development are maintained by the Town of Cary, the State of North Carolina, via the North Carolina Department of Transportation, is responsible for maintenance of larger thoroughfares and works closely with municipalities and metropolitan or rural planning organizations to improve roadways. For our development specifically, NCDOT is responsible for Carpenter Fire Station Road, while the Town of Cary is responsible for everything else.

Pertinent Examples

"Water is actively leaking out of the common pool facility."

This is a emergency regarding association property. Please don't hesitate to call Omega Management Association to urgently report this situation. If it happens to be outside of normal operating hours, please call the emergency manager on call, who should respond to you within 15 minutes and arrange for the leak to be taken care of immediately in case of a burst pipe or worse.

"A car consistently exceeds the speed limit in our community."

While this could be potentially addressed as a neighbor-to-neighbor issue, it may be worth calling the Town of Cary Police non-emergency line, especially if it is repeatedly happening. Our police officers are happy to reach out to citizens and remind them about the dangers of exceeding posted speed limits, especially in heavily residential areas where young children play. If speed bumps are desired in a particular location, a resident should reach out to the board to make a suggestion keeping in mind that it would be the Cameron Pond Community Association that would be responsible for the costs.

"I got charged a late fee for not sending my dues in on time."

Our association has a strict policy for paying dues on time. Please direct all inquiries regarding dues to Omega Management Association.

"There is a pothole on the road near my house."

Most likely, the road in question is a road owned by the Town of Cary (unless the pothole is on Carpenter Fire Station Road). A request can be made to have the pothole filled by communicating directly with the Town of Cary.

"My trash wasn't picked up."

The Town of Cary can be contacted directly, and sometimes a truck can come back by your house same day if they missed your house on the first drive through. Click here to be directed to the Town of Cary's Garbage Pickup Website.

"My child wasn't able to be assigned to the school I wanted."

If you choose to send your child to one of the great public schools in our area in the Wake County Public School System, all issues regarding school assignment and school bus pickup will be mediated through the school district.

"I need assistance with getting to medical appointments."

The Town of Cary does offer door-to-door public transportation for qualifying citizens via GoCary service. This service is specifically designed for individuals aged 60 years or older or those with a medical disability. 

"A tree is dead on my property."

This will be up to you to remove, but keep in mind that you may need to replace it with a similar tree to ensure your property is still meeting Town of Cary ordinances and Cameron Pond Community Association ordinances.

"A tree is dead in a common area."

If there are dead trees or shrubs on property owned by the Cameron Pond Community Association, please notify Omega Management Association about these trees as we would like to be aware so that they can be removed if necessary.

"My sewer is backed up."

Sewers are maintained by the Town of Cary and should be called directly to help clear any blockages.

"I smell gas near the grill at the pool."

The smell of gas in a common area could be the sign of a leak. We would recommend immediately notifying Omega Management Association (and emergency manager if outside business hours). The pool area may need to be evacuated in such an instance.

"I see potential violations of maintenance and upkeep standards in our community."

Notify Omega Management Association of potential violations. All homeowners must submit new additions and changes to their home to be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review Committee and the Executive Board.

"I see major changes to my neighbor's home that were never discussed with me."

Notify Omega Management Association of potential violations. All homeowners must submit new additions and changes to their home to be reviewed and approved by the Architectural Review Committee and the Executive Board.

"There has been a car parked on the street for several days in front of my house."

The streets in our development are in the jurisdiction of the Town of Cary and are subject to Town of Cary laws and ordinances. Enforcement of these ordinances is up to Town of Cary Police. A summary of these ordinances can be found here. Below is a summary of Town of Cary parking restrictions:

  • No vehicle may be parked within 15 feet either way of a mailbox Monday through Saturday from 9AM to 5PM except federal holidays.

  • No vehicle may be parked within 15 feet of a stop sign.

  • No vehicle may be parked in front of a private driveway.

  • No trailers such as boat or utility trailers that are unhitched from a vehicle shall be left on the street.

  • No vehicles parked further than 12″ from the curb.

  • No vehicles in cul-de-sacs may be parked straight on facing houses. Vehicles must be parked along and parallel to the curb.

  • No parking anywhere within 25’ of any intersection.

  • No parking within a marked bicycle lane.

  • No parking on a street marked by a center line where the parked car may force a passing vehicle into the other lane.