March Community Update


Thank you to the community members that submitted their proxy or took time to attend the meeting last week. Albert Bennah has filled the open position! 

Nathaniel Greene, President 

Jenifer Zygmond, Vice-President 

Albert Bennah, Secretary/Treasurer 

You can reach us at 

Cameron Pond Community Update: 

Pool: Enhancements will continue to be addressed as we get closer to the 2019 season. 

Speed Study: As mentioned at the Annual Meeting, we are continuing to look into ideas on reducing speed in our neighborhood. Thank you to those that have sent emails to the Board with concerns. We are requesting a speed study for several streets in Cameron Pond. If you have a particular concern or incident you would like to share with the Board, please email us at Solutions will have a cost associated and shared. The best solution would be to drive with caution. 

Repairs & Enhancements 

Entrance Lights: We will be updating the light bulbs throughout the development to have better uniformity. We are researching current options available with the objective to have a bulb with a gas look that emits enough light to enhance the aesthetics of the community. 

Good to Know: 

Spring Lawn Care: Now is the time to review your lawn care plan. Weed control, grass health, mowing and trimming. 

Sidewalks: As the weather improves residents will be out enjoying walks through the development. Please remember to keep tree limbs and bushes from impeding the sidewalk. Please remember to pull fully into your driveway. Sidewalks should remain clear and assessable for the safety of our residents. 

Architectural Review Committee: Please complete an Architectural Request Form prior to beginning any exterior home improvements. The volunteer committee has been very dedicated to getting your requests reviewed and submitted to the Board. Guidelines can be accessed at using the link to Omega Management. 

Take Action: 

Community Website: 

Do you have an interest in web development and maintenance? Please contact if you would be interested in being involved in enhancing and maintaining our community website. 

Join a committee: Social, Architectural, or Pool. 

Call 919-461-0102 or e-mail 

Thanks to all the committee volunteers! 


Monday, March 25 Board Meeting 8:30 a.m. at Omega Management Offices 

Sunday, April 7 Spring Fling 2-5 p.m. 

Saturday, May 4 Movie Night 

Saturday, May 11 Pool Opening 

Thursday, July 4 Old Fashioned 4th of July Pool Party 

Friday, August 23 Movie Night 

Sunday, October 6 Octoberfest 2-5 p.m.